ST-100: Mitral Valve surgical trainer

The ST-100 provides clinicians and trainees with three different mitral valve pathologies. The valves are made of a strong yet flexible silicone, and include papillary muscles and chordae tendineae. Any repair technique can be performed on the valves. The repair result can be tested by filling the silicone left ventricle with water, and squeezing the ventricle. The kit consists of three valves, left ventricle in stand, and an adjustable repair stand.

The valves are re-usable (unless valve tissue resection has been performed). Replacement valves can be purchased individually or in sets of 9. Custom valve pathologies are available based on echo data provided by clinicians.

itral valve models include chordae tendinae and suturable papillary muscles. The valve material will hold sutures, and procedures like tissue resection, annuloplasty rings or neochordae can be performed.